New book on good teaching practices in music education

Next September the book Escuelas musicales. Buenas prácticas docentes en centros de Primaria y Secundaria que educan a través de la música will be released. It contains part of the research developed by the Impactmus project, which sought to analyse professional practices in primary and secondary music classrooms from Spanish schools in accordance with relevant […]

Should music and arts have a compulsory space in the educational system?

A Spanish newspaper has reported on the research developed by the IMPACTMUS project on the impact of music education for the Knowledge-based Society and Economy. It also highlighted the work currently being developed by the PROFMUS project to study the initial and lifelong learning of future music teachers in Primary and Secondary Education. To this […]

Music Teacher Education. A Special Focus Issue

In December 2020, the Electronic Journal LEEME focused part of its 46th issue on the training of music teachers. This work includes several papers on music teachers education, focusing on the changes introduced by the implementation of the European Higher Education Area, on the transformation of this training to adapt to the needs and challenges […]